Best Places to Work in ME 2013: Putney Inc. A culture of encouragement and recognition

Putney, Inc.
A culture of encouragement and recognition

Members of the Putney team enjoy pancakes and homemade maple syrup in the kitchen at the company kitchen

The concept for her veterinary pharmaceutical company first occurred to President and CEO Jean Hoffman when her cat was prescribed costly medications and there were no generic alternatives. She learned that only 7 percent of pet medicines had an FDA approved generic option, though many had expired patents. A long-time pet lover, Hoffman decided to change that and began her quest to create more affordable treatments for pet owners.

Putney’s ‘team,’ as Hoffman refers to her highly-dedicated and rapidly-growing cadre of employees, shares her passion with enthusiasm. She cites a recent afternoon where news of product approval sparked “a spontaneous celebration, with some team members literally doing cartwheels in the halls!” Always keen to celebrate accomplishment, Hoffman quickly ordered refreshments and they enjoyed the moment together.

“Team members work hard to meet performance targets and take on big challenges to achieve key goals,” Hoffman said proudly. “People who succeed at Putney enjoy hard work and the personal growth that comes from developing innovative solutions and meeting high expectations.”

Compensation is tied to growth and many employees are also eligible for incentive stock options. Managers and peers constantly share positive news, and team members who have achieved significant results are recognized at meetings.

Putney also provides thank-you acknowledgements for “going the extra mile,” including pedicures, massages, flowers, meals at favorite restaurants, and even additional vacation time.

Hoffman said she views everyone as equals. “There are no silos at Putney – it is one, focused team striving together to achieve the same aggressive goals.” Sharing information is also key. “Transparency is of paramount importance to Putney’s workplace culture, an imperative driven by me. Trust and transparency go hand in hand, and I build trust by sharing the company’s overall plan, monthly financials, thank-you and progress towards goals, including information often considered confidential at most companies.”

Team members’ families are supported, with inclusion at events, and through Putney’s generous provisions for maternity and paternity leave, family medical leave, bereavement leave, and flexible work schedules to accommodate personal needs.

The Putney team plays as hard as it works and enjoys many friendly competitions, including ‘Office Olympics,’ a bowling team aptly named The Alleycats, and a softball team. Those who aren’t competing are cheering.

The encouraging and rewarding atmosphere Putney has created has helped fuel tremendous growth in the past two years. The staff has more than tripled, with even more growth expected by year’s end for this innovative company.